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If you are searching for a boiler servicing outfit that can help resolve your boiler problems before they pop up, talk to Eco Efficient Newcastle. We are conversant with the essential servicing procedures that cover the entire boiler system. Annual boiler maintenance is essential, but if you want regular servicing, we can handle your boiler components, pipes, pumps, thermostats and valves, we are your best partner. We promise to provide service of the highest standards and you will never waste your pounds with incompetent service firms. Give us a call, and your boiler will keep its tip top form for longer.

Faulty boilers with loose components and corroded pipes can start emitting harmful carbon monoxide. You don’t want your family’s wellbeing in a compromising situation. If you want to avoid the health risks caused by this odourless gas, you need our competent and gas safe registered experts handling looming boiler problems. At Eco Efficient Newcastle, we are accredited to service all boiler models, and our expertise surpasses that of our competitors. We have met compliance standards as a business, and our qualified technicians will ensure that your boiler system is safe and sound.

Why Choose Us for Boiler Servicing?

We have a vast network of gas safe certified experts who have been servicing boilers in different areas around Newcastle. We want you to have peace of mind when we get down to work. We offer unmatched service quality, and you will get the following working with us:

  • Superior boiler servicing expertise polished over the years.
  • Highly trained Gas Safe registered service technicians.
  • Boiler servicing done at a time of your choosing.

When you request us to service your boiler, we make sure that you know what we intend to do. We make sure that you know why every procedure is carried out. We don’t want you to be in the dark, and we will inform you of all safety measures that need to be taken. Our engineers respect your property, and we take proper precautions such that no damage is done to your property. Your boiler will be subjected to visual checks, and we will inspect internal and external parts to ensure every part is intact. We will test the boiler to see whether it’s operating at its full potential.

Our Team Or Service Engineers Will Take Other Steps Such As:

  • Checking the gas pressure levels.
  • Using the flue analyser to determine the amount of gas and air being utilized by the system.
  • Inspecting boiler fans.
  • Checking electrical connections and electrodes.
  • Checking all seals for damage.
  • Checking the pipework for leaks, corrosion, and blockage.
  • The pipework is not blocked or leaking.

If our technicians discover looming threats, they will inform you and suggest a plan of action. If there are parts that need to be purchased, you will be part of the decision-making process. Don’t wait for your boiler to slow down or stop working when we are just one call away. We don’t take ages to deliver, and we can offer services within the hour. After you okay the servicing job, we ask you to verify and sign a report card. If you are not happy with the job, we won’t bill you for it.

Call us today and see how our boiler servicing can save you headaches and precious pounds.

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